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Harish Gupta

TV Programes

After joining television journalism in 2004,  Harish Gupta was guiding the  news and current affair coverage in addition to anchoring a couple of programs himself. He is credited with launching India ’s first views channel – JANMAT – in 2004. Later, he launched another Hindi  24X7 News channel – INDIA NEWS. Though, the concept of JANMAT was unique and drew universal praise for its content and programs, it became difficult to sustain it financially in the mad race of TRPs.  The promoters – Sri Adhikari Brothers – who pioneered India ’s first humour channel, SAB TV, were forced by the circumstances to change the name of the channel from JANMAT to LIVE INDIA. Harish Gupta became part of the new group INFORMATION TV which launched INDIA NEWS. He also appeared as a leading commentator for various news channels. His TV programs were as under:


    It's an 30-minute off-beat prime time show giving insight into 'news behind the news'. It covers un-tapped grounds of an issue concerning the nation. The show brings out new facets and reaches out to the bottom of the issue.  The show was discontinued after JANMAT was re-named as Live India


  • KHABAR PAR NAZAR (India News)

    This incisive political & investigative show covers un-tapped grounds of an issue concerning the nation. The show brings out new facets and reaches out to the bottom of the issue. It was a 30-minute show and aired during prime time.



    It's a 30-minute one-to-one interview the personality of the week, mainly from political arena or persons in the news. The Talk-Show covered several leading personalities - Prime Ministers Dr Manmohan Singh, Atal Behari, Vajpayee, Pranab Mukherjee, L K Advani, Swami Ram Dev and others.



    It was a weekly show at JANMAT and a top personality will be invited by the anchor to face the audience. The studio-based show was hugely popular as it provided opportunity to the personality of the week and the audience to discuss threadbare issue at the center of controversy.



    This show was launched at JANMAT giving insight into what goes on in the CBI. It had top CBI officials and persons connected with the case on the show and a former CBI director as its co-anchor. However, it died a pre-mature death after a couple of episodes as the channel changed its nomenclature and focus.



    The 13-episodes series titled "Samvaad" - one-to-one interview with top personalities was anchored by Harish Gupta for DD News channel when he was Editor, Dainik Bhaskar. It would be pertinent to mention here that Dr Manmohan Singh's only television interview until December 2006 was to Harish Gupta. He conducted this interview when Dr Singh was the Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha.



    This was a current affairs show which is normally missed by others  having serious implications on the nation. Its an investigative program relating to the people.